Booty Builder

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Intended for people who want to enlarge and tone their buttocks. The workouts are specifically designed in the style of strength and muscle hypertrophy to get bigger, rounder and more toned glutes. 3 glute workouts per week are recommended!
✅ Includes the FITNEST application along with all the functionalities:
- you can note your no. of repetitions and the kilograms used in each exercise
- each exercise is demonstrated VIDEO
- you can see the progress from last week (rep. + kg but also the physical progress)
- you get tasks to do every day
- you can write down your meals directly in the application + much more.
✅ Includes 4-week training plan with 3, 4 or 5 workouts per week (you choose how many times you train per week).

✅ Includes plan of supplements